340 square metres of living/workspace have been ingeniously conjured from a narrow, deep infill plot on a mixed-use street in central Cologne. By removing internal elements, the building's rooms can be altered to suit changing conditions, or even to form two separate houses. Its exterior form has been determined by the building regulations and boundary conditions. The cultivated interior is disguised on all sides: the studio opening onto the street is screened by a perfectly smooth translucent wall of hollow polycarbonate slabs, in a wry and effective upgrading of low-cost materials. Owing to the building’s unusual form, the façades are highly facetted. In part, these have been clad with simple Resopal boards, printed with an embroidered lace curtain motif in minimally different tones of silver.

Client: Dr. Rulaman Roth
Utilizable Space: 340 sqm