The new home of the Ludwigsburg advertising agency H2E is a listed historical factory hall, the interior of which is dominated by one of the last surviving Zollinger timber roof structures. Above the gallery, indirect spotlights with mercury vapour lamps were installed, which owing to their spectral colour properties form a contrast to the restrained overall quality of lighting in the remaining space. The new workplace breaks radically with the former function of the building. The 'sophisticated' atmosphere is, however, somehow at odds with the transparent, cantilevered meeting room at one gable-end of the hall. Looking down from the “sky room”, a conference room jutting out below the apex of the hall’s roof, the view calls to mind Jacque Tati’s Playtime.

Client: Max Maier Immobiliengesellschaft mbh
Werbeagentur H2e
Utilizable Space: 4.600 sqm
Building costs: 6.000.000 €