Slender is not a detached house on a greenfield site, but a “house on a house" at the heart of the city. The duplex apartment, on top of a “slice” of a building on a 19m long and very narrow side-wing in Berlin's Mitte district makes a virtue of necessity with its attempt to use the architectural potential of the existing building fully by creating generous views and long horizontal lines, surfaces and spaces.
Bender, an addition to the front part of the existing building, does not merely line the street, but projects over it. It appears to be sliced into three offset glazed sections, each framed by a broad ribbon of stainless steel which continues without interruption to form the roof. In addition to a tiny shop and a high-level office unit, the building contains space for short-term accommodation, divisible into four or eight fully-furnished “mini-lofts” that can be rented on a weekly or daily basis.

Client: Britta Jürgens, Matthew Griffin
Utilizable Space: 130 sqm + 70sqm balcony and roof-deck
Building costs: 350.000 €