Radio Base Station in Augsburg (2001)
Tram Shelter in Augsburg (2001)
Metal Facade for an Electricity Substation in Augsburg (2002)
Acces Building for an Subterranean Electricity Substation in Augsburg (2000)

“Space wrapped up. Use tucked away. For light and shade to play,” is how Regina Schineis summarises her cladding of a radio base station. The switch cabinets stand in a glass box, around which a long, horizontal, copper strip is wound irregularly. By day, it is the metal that shines, but at night, the interior glows within its bindings, creating a negative image of the two contrasting forms.
As part of a tramline extension towards the central clinic, technical facilities and tram shelters had to be built. Four electrical switch cabinets on a central island at a crossroads right next to the radio pylon needed to be enclosed.
Additionally, the architect developed a modular system for tram shelters with waiting rooms, roofed bicycle stands and railings. Partial frames, composed of two flat steel sections, are placed next to or opposite each other – accentuated by transparent coloured screen-printed glass that picks up and amplifies the tones of the surroundings and turns the functional tram shelters into a prominent feature of the urban environment.
This modular system, which changes according to the environment, integrates itself or stands out, giving the new tramline a holistic identity. Mundane functional architecture thus receives a poetical aura.

Client: Stadtwerke Augsburg Verkehrs Gmbh

A Radio Base Station
Utilizable Space: 2.5 x 2.5 sqm
Building costs: 20.000 €

B Tram Stop System

C Metal Façade for an Electricity Substation
Utilizable Space: 225 sqm
Building costs: 20.000 €

D Access Building for a Subterranean Electricity Substation
Utilizable Space: 1.2 x 8.0 sqm
Building costs: 12.000 €